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Making Golf Less Confusing And More Fun One Question At A Time

Greetings! On this page, we'll be answering questions from golfing enthusiasts that range from the most common to the most interesting. This is to help clear away any confusion that new or even experienced players might have about the sport, and ultimately make it more enjoyable.

What are the best golf club sets to buy?

If we put aside your budget and preference for now, your golf set should be based on your skill level and experience. For beginners to intermediate players, 3 woods and 8 irons is the most reliable set. The brands matter less than the actual clubs you have, but if you have to know, Taylor Made and Mizuno are proven options. As you gain more experience and get better, you can start customizing a little bit. Just remember that the more sets you have, the more complicated your game becomes.

What kind of sports can I get into at age 25 that can make me professional?

Golf could be a good option. There’s certainly a skill requirement, but you can refine that fast enough if you keep going to the range or the course. It’s also more relaxed and less hectic than many other types of sports, so it won’t put a strain on your mind if you’re not that good.

Of course, you do have to be patient here. Practice your swing and learn how to gauge distance. If you keep doing this enough, you can become a golf professional in a few years.