Kid's Golf

July 4, 2018

Kid's Golf

No matter what age your child is when they get started, make sure that having fun is on top of the list. Always put in your child’s mind when playing golf that its’s just a game. Sometimes you win and sometimes losses.Golf is a game of managing expectations. When you are playing with your kids, you still want to hit good shots, but you also have to expect someone to be, at best, fidgeting during your back swing or, at worst, trying to bludgeon his other siblings with a driver.

Paradoxically, it is because you expect so little out of your game during these outings that you tend to play some of your best golf. In other words, as long as no one ends up in the Emergency Room, you should consider the outing a success.

Golf is the greatest game known to man, but if your child does not see things that way that’s fine. Even if your child does grow to love the game and winds up devoting a great deal of time with it, make sure they grow up to be a well-rounded individual. Encourage them to try playing other sports or develop other their other talents in various areas.

Getting Started: Overview of Golf’s Etiquette

It is highly advisable that you start your child out by teaching them some of the most important principles of the game. These teachings in do not even require a club or a ball. The most wonderful thing about the game of golf lies in its principles. It’s about the Etiquette and Rules of the game. Golf is an honorable game. The aspects of etiquette within the game mirror that of the way people should act in everyday life, with respect and concern for each other.

Read on below for the overview of Golf’s Etiquette and Rules.


If Caddies are Available:

Remember caddie programs are an excellent way for young people to earn some money and be exposed to a sport that they can enjoy and might help shape their character.

A good caddie can make the round more enjoyable by giving you hints that might lower your score.He can provide information on yardage, club selection, reading the greens and the layout of the course.

Warm Up

You should arrive soon enough to give yourself time to warm up properly. Lead your way though the bag, beginning with the short irons, moving onto the mid-and long irons and then the woods.

Warming your kids before playing can boost to their adrenaline to learn further about the sport .It’s always a good idea to finish warming up by hitting a few soft wedge shots before heading for the practice green and hitting a few putts.

First Tee

As kids they are excited in starting a new learning. During first their first you must be very patient because some kids just getting curious in what will be the result of their first.

It may a hit or a miss. Don’t smother kids with rule after rule, by doing this so may result to low esteem, but gently remind them of how the game must be played to respect the course and other players.

No Yelling and Running

    Kids get excited to be on the golf course. They might yell across the fairway to a parent or run across the green to their ball. Unlike some other sports, golf is a sport that doesn’t encourage yelling, especially when people are hitting near you. Occasional cheering following an impressive shot is acceptable. Another important rule of golf etiquette is yelling, “Fore!” if you hit a wild shot that looks like it may hit another group of people. Lastly, remind the kids to speak in low tones.

    Proper Dress Code

      The dress code is always important in golf, and although every course might have slightly different rules, some rules are universal.

      Outfitting a child for the golf course can be a difficult task. The clothes tend to lean toward more formal attire, which many children don’t wear or own.

      Teach kids how to dress the part by buying them their own collared golf shirt with the club’s logo. Traditional rules say kids should be treated as mini adults and follow the same rules, but there is some flexibility depending on the reason the child is on the course.

      Read on to learn about acceptable children’s golf wear and footwear. See also: Get Dressed for the Game

      Boys wear collared shirts, preferably tucked in. Mock turtlenecks are now acceptable during colder days. Girls should wear collared shirts its either with collar or sleeveless. T-shirts are prohibited for both boys and girls.

      Khaki material bottoms are highly recommended. They can be any color as long as they are a khaki/cotton blend material. Jeans are prohibited. Pants should fit and not be baggy.

      Boys may wear shorts. Madras, plaids, solids, stripes and seersucker are allowed. Some courses prohibit cargo shorts, so watch out for that.
      Girls may wear the same shorts as boys and skorts as well. Be aware of inseam rules at courses and avoid anything too short for girls and too baggy for boys.

      With inclement weather comes additional clothing. Wind shirts are worn over proper tops and can be removed during play. Track suit pants may be able to be worn on particularly cold days or over khaki pants and removed after play. Rain gear is any clothing worn over the clothes that is waterproof

      Keep the Play Moving

        Few things are worse than being stuck behind a slow group of golfers, especially if that group is fooling around.

        Teach your child to be a courteous golfer by being ready to play when it’s his turn and to let faster players play through. It’s OK for kids to view time on the course as a fun, sociable activity, as long as it doesn’t disrupt the pace of the game. The same holds true for you as their teacher.

        Keep an eye on the group in front of you. If you start falling behind them, pick up the pace a bit so you don’t hold up the next group.Remember not to spend too long going over the rules and etiquette of the game when people are behind you.

        Course Care

          Teach your child respect for the golf course. The greens are the best part of the golf course and the hardest to maintain. Each time you take your child golfing, remind her to perform these acts.

          Here are a few tips that will keep the greens looking good:

          If all of this are done properly the course will stay well-kept, and everyone’s round will move along at a nice pace.

          Choosing The Right Golf Gears

          Kids can lose interest in new activities pretty fast, especially if they can’t see an instant incentive to play. Since golf is a game of patience and resolve, it’s important to make it as fun as possible for your child by dressing him or her with the appropriate golf equipment.

          Put in mind that you should not forget to throw in a little sunscreen and some shades, and your kid will be all set like a real pro.

          Golf Bags (such as: Ray Cook 2017 Manta Junior Kids Golf Set with Bag (Ages 6-8) amazon ) are made with smaller players in mind, and will help them learn their way around the bag a lot faster than lugging around an over-sized hand-me-down.

          You don’t necessarily have to customize your child’s bag, but adding a personalized touch will certainly keep them even more interested in the game. For best quality of golf bags you may visit

          Golf Clubs have two basic types the pre-packaged sets and custom built clubs.

          Pre-packaged sets contain clubs pre-built to fit a specified age or height range.

          The best way for properly choosing a pre-built junior golf set is to use the recommended height or knuckle-to-floor range for the set that interests you.

          Basically there are two ways to shop for junior golf clubs:

          But it is more accurate to shop by height. By using this method it will result in a more appropriate fit, since your kid may be small or tall for his/her age range.

          Push Golf

          Here are some things to consider in buying your kids a push golf.

          You may check out For your kids good quality push golf and other golf needs.

          Benefits of Golf to Your Kids

          Below are the lists of benefits your kids can get in playing golf.

          Making lifelong friends and improving their social skills

          In playing golf your kids can meet different type of persons maybe their age range or not.

          What important are they gain new friends,they build their confidence and improving their social skills by being part of a team. Visit Social Benefits of Golf to learn more.

          Spend quality time with Family

          It is a fact that kids golfer is most likely to have a dad or a mom as golfer too. This is the time for the family to have their bonding, like spending several hours in playing golf. This is also a great opportunity for parents to provide positive feed backs and encouragement to their children.

          Spending time with Nature

          Golf is an outdoor game. By walking and being active while playing allow you to breathe fresh air and serves as an exercise.This will teach your children to appreciate and care the environment.

          Promotes Good Health

          Physically,Golf helps children to stay fit. Golf is an active game and is less injury prone than contact sports. Conditioning for golf improves strength of core muscles that support the spine, improves flexibility, and allows your kids the opportunity to be active and fit.

          Managing One’s Emotion

          Golf could be a very tough game. There are achievements and disappointments.Learning from your mistake and overcoming obstacles improves a child’s game and teaches them to optimistically carry out the same pattern in day to day life.

          If one can just hit without making a good shot, it’s going to be so frustrating. For the reason your kid really wants to success in golf, he/she is going to learn to manage his/her emotion and learn to manage to keep going. See also: Fit Mind, Fun Game!

          Business Skills

          Starting and running a business needs a wise decision and great strategies. Playing golf teaches self-confidence, improves the ability to work with numbers, and applies problem solving skills.Through playing golf at an early stage, children’s skills in decision making, planning, and formulating tricks and strategies would be honed. Those skills are necessary for all areas of life.

          Acquisition of Values

          Playing golf teaches your children to behave properly towards self and others.It also impart values such being honest and strength during difficult times.Golf let your kids experience challenges which teaching them not to give up. Lastly, in playing golf kids will learn that hard work really paid off.

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