Golf Accessories

July 6, 2018

Golf Accessories

Golf is a game of fine boundaries and guaranteeing every part of your kit could prove the difference between success and failure on the fairways. Every golfer loves his or her tools and accessories. They’re part of what’s so exciting about the game. Investing in those additional accessories will be a big help for you to play in style and skill, because being well equipped for the golf course means far more than having the right irons, woods and wedges in your bag.

To feel fullyready for action, there are so many add-ons that can give you the advantage. It can give you the edge over the opposition if you are totally prepared for the game. There is a wide variety of golf accessories in the market to complete your equipment package but first you should know which ones to add to your bag. They may be essential to success and simply enhance your playing experience. Let’s take a look at a selection of golf accessories that all player should consider before hitting it. Visit Golf Tech Reviews for more helpful ideas.

Techie Golfer

GPS Range Finder Smartphone App

GPS range finder app on your phone has a display and at the same time states the length you need to hit the ball by just a single press of the button. It is very small and lightweight and fits perfect in your golf bag. The app calculates range and distance to any point on the golf course. It has GPS technology to give you fast, accurate range finding.

GPS Watch

It gives front, back and center of the green distance and more accurate distance readings of water and sand. The advantage is, it’s always right there on the golfer’s wrist and doesn't slow down play.

Golf Electric Board

Like an electric-powered vehicle, which looked like a skateboard or snowboard, it may replace a golf cart and you can literally speed up your round of golf.

Laser Range Finder

A range finder which uses a laser beam to determine the distance to an object. The most common form of laser range finder operates on the time of flight principle by sending a laser pulse in a narrow beam towards the object and measuring the time taken by the pulse to be reflected off the target and returned to the sender. This can also be used in hunting and archery.

Ball Finder

Worry no more when looking for your golf. As long as you haven’t buried your ball in the woods or lake, the ball finder only requires 1% of ball visibility to find it. Just point it in the direction of which you think your ball landed, and its camera will pick up balls up to 35 feet away, and guide you easily to it.

Remote Control Caddy

Golfers everywhere are starting to realize how much more pleasant an afternoon of golfing can be when they use caddies that can carry themselves. This remote controlled caddy can be operated via a handheld remote transmitter up to 100 yards distance.The trolleys are sleek, the batteries are light, and they are incredibly easy to use. For more golf caddies you can check out

Golf Swing Analyzing Watch

Used by professional golfers, the watch detects deficiencies in your golf swing and helps you improve your stroke. It measures tempo, rhythm, back swing length, and club-head speed and instantly displays metrics for each on the watch face. After hitting a good shot, you can use the measurements as standards for consistent, ideal ball-striking and to measure the subtle "perfect swing".

Sun and Rain Gear

The weather is constantly changing. It’s chilly, it’s windy, and it’s wet— then suddenly the sun will come out! But that doesn’t have to keep you indoors. The golf course beckons. Embrace the elements and play with confidence dressed in high-quality outerwear and gear. Here are some golf essentials that you need rain or shine.


A quality golf umbrella will help keep you and your equipment protected from any weather elements. Choose a sturdy umbrella with a large canopy, with double layers to help air flow through so it doesn’t turn around.Then make sure your umbrella is a good-quality, durable construction, preferably with those vents that help stop it blowing inside out in stronger gusts. Strong wind and rain is a tough combo to deal with for a large umbrella.

Rain Glove/s

Not all golfers use a glove in normal conditions but all will have an advantage from being in possession of a rain glove, or a pair of rain gloves, when the weather turns.

Without these gloves, your grips are likely to become cylinder-shaped bars of soap after the skies have pour. They are designed to give the best grip for players while playing under the rain. The golf club will not slip away from your hands while you are playing.

Rain suit

The best rain suits keep drench free without restricting your swing. Invest in a jacket, pants and headgear that are designed to stretch, keep you cool and dry, are lightweight, and that you can adjust if need be.


Guarantee that your club doesn’t get away from you on the range with dry golf grips. Some grips do better than others when wet so make sure yours can resist a little moisture.


Be certain to wear waterproof shoes and prepare pair of dry socks, make sure to them in a sealed plastic bag. Depending on your preferred type of shoe, pack a few extra spikes for good measure.

Sun Protection

Staying out of the sun isn’t an option for golf lovers. There are some easy products for protecting you out of the harmful rays that are built with UPF 50 to block the sun and keep you cool. Circle it around your neck to avoid a collar tan or wear it on your forehead for ultimate protection. Shades with filters that block out UVA, UVB, and UVC rays are a must too!

Caddy Cover

Deep canopy protects your golf clubs from rain. Joined spring that allows the canopy to bend, allowing easy access to clubs.

Did you ever stop and think about all the non-essential items you probably put in your golf bag?

There are obviously a lot of accessories you can carry while playing golf so always make sure to bring only the important or necessary ones to lessen your baggage. Golf bag accessories contains a variety of choice there are tees, golf towels, ball retrievers, scorecard holders, divot tools, and hat clips. All are intended to make the game more enjoyable. Below are some random stuff that you can add to your golf essentials. You may want to check out Golf Tips for Beginners.

Divot Fixer

Divots are the scrapes and dents that are made on the grass on the golf course and they are caused when golf balls land on the putting green or when golfers brush the turf with their clubs.

Hand and Feet Warmers

Hand warmers are a great alternative for golfers who want to keep their hands warm during extremely cold conditions, but don’t want to use mittens. Disposable hand warmers offer up to 10 hours of heat once activated. There are also feet warmers that fit in golf shoes to keep your feet and toes warm on a cold day.


One of the most significant accessories you should carry in your golf bag is a permanent marker. Using a marker to make an identifiable mark on your golf balls. Being able to quickly recognize your ball is an often-unnoticed responsibility and one to which more recreational players should observe. It’s a fun way to personalize your game.

Dry Towel

Bring several towels for rainy day golf sessions. You’ll want to put these in sealable plastic bags as well. You won’t only be only using them to dry your face and hands; you’ll also be using them regularly to dry your clubs and the seat of your golf cart as well.

Golf Chipping Net

Golf lovers want to improve their handicap but it is no easy way to do this and it needs practice. Fortunately, there are a few lightweight, collapsible chipping nets available that will allow you to improve your chipping accuracy in the comfort of your own home. You can take the net into your garden or a local park to practice. There is no need to run up charges, and you can keep up the practice sessions thru the winter, no matter the weather situations.

Golf Scorecards

These cards allow you to keep track of each player's development through a golf course by marking down how many shots it took each player to sink a ball. The total score is based upon strokes and handicaps, and equated to the other players to distinguish the winner. According to Brent Kelley “The simplest way to mark the scorecard is very simple indeed: When playing stroke play, count the number of strokes you've taken on the hole just completed, and write that number down in the box corresponding to that hole on the scorecard. At the end of each nine holes, tally up the strokes for your front nine and back nine totals, respectively, then add up those two numbers for your 18-hole score.”

First Aid Kit

Emergencies from the golf course cannot be ignored. Nothing is worse than a great game ruined by a sudden headache or back pain, or the occasional blister. Try to pack a small first-aid kit in your golf bag. Make sure there are pain relievers, bandages, gauze and disinfectants.

Extra Golf Tee

A tee is a stand used to support a still golf ball so that the player can strike it. It is a small piece of equipment that raises the golf ball off the ground when playing the first stroke of a hole from the teeing ground. Typically a thin, wood or plastic peg, two or three inches in height, over which a golf ball sits in a steady and motionless place. The tee is placed down into the grass on the teeing ground, leaving a portion of the tee above ground, and the ball placed atop the golf tee prior to playing the stroke.

Golf Bag Cooler

A golf bag with cooler is ideal for people who are spending a lot of time on the course. Many include reusable ice packs that can stay cold, and keep their beverage of choice cold, during the entire day of golfing. Some are also changeable so that they can be used as a club car cooler, which may not be one size fits all. One thing that people question about golf coolers is their size and if it’s too bulky to carry around.

Golf Ball Retriever

it is used by golfers in order to retrieve lost or misdirected balls. They allow one to retrieve balls from water hazards, deep rough or even the occasional sand trap, where they would not be able to reach them.Some retrievers use telescopic extensions up to 4.5 meters, enabling balls to be lifted from water using the swiveling cup at the end. This type of equipment is helpful particularly if playing on golf courses where water hazards are dominant.

Business Cards

Last but definitely not the least business cards. It’s no secret that the golf course is a great place to link and meet new golf buddies, maybe even possible business partnerships or job opportunities.

You should always have a few business cards in your golf bag, as you never know who you might meet out there.

When playing golf, relaxation, trajectory, and balance are important factors to consider. And golfers these days use golf accessories such as sunglasses, golf shoes, and bags. So if you’re one of the modern golfers who want ease and style, it’s important to find the best product that offers reasonable price. You can check out for more interesting selection of golf gear and accessories.

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