Why People Love Golf?

June 20, 2018

Why People Love Golf?

(Reasons why People Love to Play Golf)

It’s a pretty sunny day, breezy, yet very humid, and then Golfers teed off to play 18 holes. Then you started thinking, "why do these people still play in 37 degree weather, in an open field and even more specifically, why do they play golf?"

Well, for a lot of reasons of course, mostly for the betterment of one's well-being, others use this sport to socialize with other people of the same interest, and who can't be amazed by the scenery of the golf course (unless if your golf course is your own backyard, nobody's gonna be amazed by that except you probably).

Aside from those I mentions, there are also other benefits that might surprise you when you play golf. Read more at Fit Mind, Fun Game! and be amaze of the benefits you can get by playing golf.

It’s a great way to start the day

    So you think that golf is only for your weekends or holidays? Well, think again, because in fact, you can just consider this sport as a normal activity that you can do every single day. Don’t say that: “I have to work in early morning so it’s really impossible for me to play golf”. That’s the most common reason for almost everyone, especially in businessman.

    Therefore, it’s not surprising that very few rich people are in good shape, and resulting in bad physical conditions. However, spending 45 to 60 minutes of playing golf early in the morning can really help you to improve your mood without exerting your body like other sports.

    This game will also help you to get more energy and excitement for the rest of the day. Then just spend a little time playing golf with your family or co-workers in the early morning and don’t forget a nutritious breakfast before getting out of home for your work.

    The Time to Build Strong Relationship with Your Whole Family

      In this busy life, it is likely that you don’t have enough time for playing with your kids or even talking with them (well, if you have one), or just too busy to even spend the day with your parents, or whoever close and important to you.

      This is partly because you don’t know how to communicate with them so it can be the best choice for you to play golf with your whole family on weekends. Remember that children are much more interested in something new, especially outdoor activities like golf

      Just spend more time with them, show them how to swing a golf club, talk with them more about everything in life. That’s the main reason why golf is not only a sport, but also a good method for building strong relationship with other people including family and friends. It’s like having a vacation without leaving town.

      A Therapeutic Stress Reliever and keeps you Emotionally Healthy

        Although playing golf doesn’t require much of your strength as well as durability, (Just a bit of muscle pain due to swinging of your golf club) it can still make you focus on the game.

        Just imagine it when you make the right shot, isn’t that amazing? It is the fact that so many people don’t have a chance to get out of their offices; as a result, they will have to face a lot of stress every day. Why not try playing golf in the tomorrow morning when you can completely do that?

        Don’t just care about anything else like your work, your boss or even your family because this is the time for you to enjoy the beautiful sun light, the refreshing breeze, the scenic view, and well. Your golf game. To know more please visit Emotional Benefits of Golf.

        Provides Better Sleep

          Playing Golf can also help you avoid Sleep deprivation. Since you are getting quite a bit of exercise, your tired body will thank you at night when it’s time for some long deserved rest.

          Golfers will fall asleep faster and sleep more profoundly, and are able to remain in a deep sleep for longer periods of time due to the amount of energy expended. Unlike so many indoor activities, golf doesn’t only help you improve your muscle tone but also provide you a sound sleep. This is simply because walking in the fresh air in the early morning gives you a good workout, just like yoga or kayaking in a peaceful river.

          As a result, if you play golf often, this will help you sleep faster and sleep more profoundly, depending on the amount of expended energy. This is very important, particularly for people suffering from sleep deprivation for a long time.Deeper sleep is necessary for your body to regenerate cell and repair any muscles and tissues. Because the way you sleep will determine how well you perform in the following day.

          It is no doubt that there are so many health benefits in playing golf but it is also a useful way for many people to build social as well as business contacts. For examples, a sale professional can completely set up a meet with his client for some contact in a golf course instead of offices.

          Beautiful weather and a peaceful atmosphere in the early morning will help you get the deal much more easily.

          Therefore, instead of an office or a restaurant, just set the meeting in a golf course and you will definitely see the wonderful result.

          It’s completely harmless for everyone

            Golf is a leisurely sport and, compared to other sports, the overall risk of injury is low because it is not a contact sport.You can see that playing golf is just like walking around and swinging the golf club to hit the ball.

            Though golf is primarily a sport of strategy, coordination and accuracy, there is some physical activity involved given the walking, swinging and pivoting. Unlike soccer or skiing, golf is not considered as an intensive sport.

            Instead, it’s completely safe for everyone, especially for children or the elder. While playing golf, you don’t need to compete with anyone except yourself. Playing golf is a low-risk injury sport but still provides just enough physical activity to keep your muscles engaged. See also: Getting Your Kids Into The Game

            Keeps your body Fit

              Playing golf is a good form of exercise. Just a bit of swinging golf clubs, walking around, or even crouching while getting a golf ball, will get your muscles work up resulting to burning of your excess and unwanted calories.

              Well, of course. Imagine walking 30 to 200 acres in a single game per day. (That really means a lot of walking). Skipping out on the golf cart and walking the average course can cover a distance between five to seven kilometers.

              If you opt to carry your own golf equipment, you’ll burn even more calories, too! With all the walking, carrying and swinging involved, golfers tend to burn up to 1000 calories in a single game per day. So all I can say is that.. Playing golf is a burner.

              Having a Happy, Healthy Heart

                Playing golf can lead to quite a bit of exercise for your precious heart. As is the case with burning calories, all the walking, carrying and swinging will increase your heart rate, which will keep it pumping and increasing the blood flow. Naturally, this will lower your risks of heart diseases and decrease levels of “bad” cholesterol.

                Good for the Brain

                  As your heart rate increase, and so will the blood flow to your brain, that can stimulate and improve your nerve cell connections. This can prevent mental illnesses such as dementia. While competing against others, golfers will also compete with themselves for personal best scores.

                  This type of challenge boosts the confidence and self-esteem of the golfer, while the mental alertness is involved in tallying scores, improving strategy and fostering hand-eye coordination will keep your brain active in logical functions.

                  Strengthens the Bladder

                    This one is a bit surprising but it certainly deserves noting. Those frequent visits to your friendly course beer-cart girl can give your bladder a run for time. The longer you learn to hold it, the more you strengthen the capacity of your bladder.

                    And, as noted by some women golfers, it is also an effective way to strengthen leg muscles, especially in the quadriceps. Those crouching maneuvers used by those who can’t “hold it” are a unique way of doing leg exercises.

                    It’s Challenging

                      With golf, the set of considerations (Such as risks, reward, swing mechanics, and personal tendencies) makes it challenging strategically, physically, and emotionally.

                      It is completely wrong to say that golf is an extremely easy sport, while on the contrary, it is relatively challenging for any player.

                      In details, not like competitive sports such as football and basketball, you can totally play golf alone and you don’t have anyone to compete with (if you don’t want) but with yourself.Therefore, once you get in a certain level, you may want to break your own record by trying harder and harder each time.

                      Just imagine how fun it is when you can perform better and better than yesterday. So, don’t you think that playing golf is only for the elder. Always remember that if you are a person who really loves sport and a person who strives hard in improving your skills, then this sport is equally very challenging, even for professional players.

                      So Do You Want to Play Golf?

                      Golf is a great game for all ages. There is nothing like getting outside on the golf course with good friends and smacking a ball around.

                      Exercise, fresh air, friends and laughter - that is golf! But it can seem terribly complicated to the uninitiated. The game has so many rules, so many different kinds of clubs. And then there's the lingo: birdies, bogeys, bump-and-runs.

                      Golf is a club (not the one you use to hit the ball, but the group itself) and ball sport, in which players use various golf clubs to hit balls into a series of holes on a course in as few strokes as possible, and unlike most ball games, it does not utilize a standardized playing area, and is coping with the varied terrains encountered on different courses is a key part of the game.

                      The game at the highest level is played on a course with an arranged progression of 18 holes, though recreational courses can be smaller and usually have 9 holes.

                      Each hole on the course must contain a tee box to start from, and a putting green containing the actual hole or cup (4.25 inches in diameter).

                      There are other standard forms of terrain in between, such as the fairway, rough (long grass), sand traps (or "bunkers"), and various hazards (such as water, rocks, fescue) but each hole on a course is unique in its specific layout and arrangement.

                      Golf is played for the lowest number of strokes by an individual, known as stroke play, or the lowest score on the most individual holes in a complete round by an individual or team, known as match play.

                      Stroke play is the most commonly seen format at all levels, but most especially at the elite level.

                      Golf can be a very social and enjoyable sport. While you compete against others, you can also compete with yourself to better your previous best score, and a good way to get started is to take proper lessons to acquire the fundamental skills you need before hitting the course.

                      Alternatively, you could gather up your group of friends, rent some golf club and golf equipment and make your way around your local public course, which can be equally as enjoyable. As you improve, you may consider purchasing a set of golf clubs and some golf equipment, and if you are really keen, you may have the clubs custom-made to suit you.

                      One might think that golf is an expensive hobby that one needs to invest a lot of money when it comes to golf equipment and golf outfit.

                      But in reality, choosing the right stuff for your level will greatly avoid the chances of you spending on unnecessary equipment that most likely you can't use effectively, check out golfgearsdirect.com.au for they have the best equipment that will suit you and your budget.

                      This game called golf truly is like life; we get up and go around the same places and the results are different each day. Some days we make new friends while at the same time we continue to enjoy with our old friends and the circle becomes bigger and better. If you are that kind of person, then golf is up your alley.