Golf Buggies

June 27, 2018

Golf Buggies

Electric golf carts, or golf buggies, are motorized vehicles that are small in size and are basically used by golfers to transport them and their equipment around the golf course from one hole to another. It is a huge time-saver and is actually a big help for incapacitated folks and older people so they can still revel in their favorite pastime and sport.

Nowadays, aside from being a sought-after golf gear, it’s also used by people for short-range transport purposes in areas like event locations, gardening, farming and others. People who want to buy this particular kind of vehicle must know about the differing types of golf cart buggies and its features. For more amazing golf equipment just visit online stores like You must learn about the things that need to know about buying a new golf cart or secondhand golf buggy.

This article will further discuss buying tips plus troubleshooting advice about electricity-powered golf carts. Read these articles for information about the manual push and pull golf trolleys or electric push golf carts.

Types of Golf Carts

When you're out on the golf course, you don't necessarily have to use a cart. But, it'll be a lot easier to focus on your game if your back isn't aching from hauling a heavy bag around. Plus, your golf cart allows you to express yourself in a way that's rare in sports.

There are two main types of golf carts

Gasoline Golf Carts:

Gasoline Golf Carts work just like little cars. A small engine, running on gasoline, powers the cart's wheels. However, one major difference between a typical car and a gasoline-powered golf cart is when the engine runs. In a car, the engine starts when you turn the key, and it keeps running until you switch the ignition off.

In a gasoline-powered golf cart, the engine starts when you step on the gas pedal, and it shuts off when you take your foot off the gas. That feature helps save gas, cuts down on emissions and helps keep the course quiet, too. And it's nice that you won't have to be thinking about your next shot over the drone of an engine.

Gas Benefits 

Some golf cart owners prefer gas-powered golf carts because they run at faster speeds, can pull heavier loads and are easy to refill. More speed means making it from one place to the next in less time.

As well, faster carts are sometimes allowed to drive on roads where slow-moving electric carts are not able to maintain minimum speeds. Given their benefits, gas carts are often popular among those who prefer a custom-built cart. These sorts of carts feature more amenities and options, which drives up the price of the carts. 

Gas Drawbacks 

With gas-powered carts, a driver only needs to dump a gallon of fuel into a cart to resume operation, but the fuel also produces more pollution. The carbon-monoxide emissions pose a threat to health when carts are operated within enclosed spaces such as a garage. As well, gas carts make more noise and require regular maintenance in the form of oil changes. 

Electric Golf Carts: 

Uses batteries to power an electric motor. The batteries are typically charged by plugging the cart into a wall outlet, just like the ones you have in your house. However, some golf carts are now being fitted with solar panels on their roofs to help charge the batteries.

Most golf carts that are used exclusively for golf play are relatively plain. They're just basic two seaters. However, you can also get modified golf carts that can carry more than two people and move supplies, like food or luggage, from place to place.

Gasoline golf carts can also be fitted with more powerful motors, beefed-up suspensions and four-wheel drive, making them ideal for work in rugged areas. Plus, you can also get golf carts that have been modified to look like a Porsche, a Hummer or even a Bentley. You can also visit here: for more golf equipment.

Electric Benefits 

Electric golf carts produce no emissions. Thus, they are friendlier to the environment. They also produce less noise than gas carts. Most electric golf carts cost slightly less to purchase and they are less frequently used for custom-built carts.

Used electric carts are generally less costly to purchase than their gas-powered counterparts and they are more readily available. As well, electric golf carts cost less to maintain and operate because recharging them is less expensive than buying gas for a gas cart and because they do not require as much constant maintenance.

Electric Drawbacks 

Electric golf carts pose problems because it can be more difficult to estimate when they will run out of power and they are more difficult to recharge.

    If a cart runs out of battery power on the golf course or in another location away from a charging unit, drivers can be stranded; in addition, electric carts feature batteries that are not easily removed for charging. In many cases, they need to be towed or pushed when they run out of power. 

    How Do They Work?

    Gas-powered Golf Carts

    Gas powered golf carts run on combustion engines. These engines are usually four-stroke, but older models might use two-stroke instead. They're fueled with regular gas like any car or truck.

      Electric Golf Carts

      Electric gold carts run on battery cells. Most of them are 36-volt or 48-volt. The batteries need to be regularly recharged to keep the cart going. 

      Purchasing Tips:

      If you plan on buying a golf buggy for yourself, you have to first consider its features. Think of how many passengers you are going to take along. There are models which can seat as many as 6 people but more common are the 2 seaters or the 4 seaters. Also you have to keep in mind that several models don’t come with canopies on them to shelter you from the rain or falling debris.

      There are golf buggy models with built-in canopies and several are designed with windshields. Some even have doors installed on them. Customers can decide on the features that will provide them comfort like air conditioning and heating elements, real leather seats, golf GPS, integrated fridges or radios.

      If a golf buggy model is packed with features, expect that the price for that particular model is steep. Thus, customers must decide on the feature or features that they feel they need the most in order to get their money’s worth.

      In addition, and this is very important as well, inspect the safety features of each model. There are golf carts equipped with roll bars to safeguard passengers if ever the vehicle is knocked over. A number of models also feature headlights, seat belts and speed restrictors on them. 

      Used Golf Carts: Are They Really Worth It?

      It’s a lot like buying a car; buyers also have the option to purchase either a new golf cart or a secondhand golf buggy. A brand-new golf cart comes complete with a warranty which guarantees that each and every component within the vehicle are in excellent working conditions. A secondhand model meanwhile does have a more affordable price point but expect that it can have defective or nearly worn-out components.

      If you have chanced upon a secondhand model which is a year old, chances are it will still run and perform like a brand new cart.With a new golf buggy model, customers can easily decide on features and accessories that they need. Customers are assured that all components of the model are new, will operate efficiently as expected and must last for a time. 

      When it comes to secondhand carts, a customer should inquire about the model’s proprietorship and how it was maintained so the he or she will know whether the cart was taken care of by its owner.

      Newer models as expected often look better in terms of appearance. Customers who intend to use the cart for an extended time must invest on a new model. Cost-cutting folks or buyers who intend on using the golf cart once in a while will benefit from purchasing a secondhand item.

      Secondhand Electric Golf Cart Buying Tips:

      First and foremost, purchasers must know how to check a second hand model to guarantee that it’s still in tip-top condition. Buyers will most often end up spending more over repairs and upgrades if they have mistakenly bought a secondhand model with faulty parts.

      1St Evaluate Prices

      Try hunting for secondhand golf buggies produced by brands with good reputation. Highly-esteemed brands will guarantee customers that the models were effectively and efficiently designed and manufactured to begin with.

      In addition, by being made aware of the brand and style, customers can easily find the price of that certain model when it was in mint condition.

      Customers can have an awareness of the amount they are going to save up on by purchasing that model instead of the brand-new one. However, if the price variance is not that significant, it might be worth a shot buying the newer model instead.

      2nd Be aware of the history of the cart

      Customers must take heed to be absolute in their enquiry of a secondhand electric golf cart’s history. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Inquire about the credentials of all maintenance and overhauls the cart underwent. Check the battery if it’s practically new since batteries should be changed with new ones every 5 years.

      In addition, you should also inspect the model’s serial number to guarantee the year, make and model.Check the tires and see for signs of wear. Inspect the canopy and see if it’s still secured and unwavering. Examine the appearance; see if it lacks signs of damage like corrosion and dents. Normally, secondhand models will feature some tiny scratches here and there but nothing major that will weaken its soundness.

      3rd Put the model to the test 

      Ask the seller if you can take the cart for a test drive. A sound cart will perform efficiently for a good 30 minutes of driving.

      Don’t forget to test the brakes during the drive. Be certain that the brakes are quick to respond, watch how the brakes respond once they are forcibly stopped. Check the feel of the model’s steers and handles.

      Also, if permitted, drive the model on slightly steeper terrain and other road situations that the vehicle will run into habitually. If you are testing an electric golf cart model, be sure that you check the battery’s life during the drive.

      If you are buying online, make sure that you buy it from a proper business with a good history so you can ask specific questions about the model and get an honest answer. Read the specifications on the ad carefully. You should check out the details of the provided images as well and look for signs of wear or damage on the model. You can also visit here: for more golf equipment.

      Golf Carts and State Laws

      Each and every state provides differing laws concerning cart operations and ownership. There are states who oblige owners to have their vehicles registered in the Department of Motor Vehicles or DMV. Others have new rules that oblige safety features in the vehicle.

      Several of these rules also takes account of limiting a model’s speed and weight. Prior to buying one for yourself, be sure that you check with your local DMV branch to guarantee that the model you are planning to buy goes by all the laws governing golf cart.

      Golf Cart Accessories:

      A collared shirt, spikes, clubs and sunscreen is always a good idea. But unlike other sports, golf lets you go beyond the basics by adding accessories to your golf cart. In fact, accessories can be a great way to personalize your golf cart to suit your needs.

      Most golf carts come fairly sparsely equipped from the factory. Depending on your perspective, that's either a pain, since you may have to pay extra for even the most basic of accessories, like drink holders, or it could be a good thing, since it means you can option that golf cart out exactly as you want it.

      In hot areas, fans and air conditioning systems are good options as golf cart accessories. In colder climates, heaters make sense. But no matter where you live, rain curtains are almost always a good idea -- especially since most golf carts have open cabins.

      Portable battery chargers are a good option to select if you're planning to travel far from an electricity source. And if you're planning on going off-road -- really off-road -- in your golf cart, brush guards are available to keep the golf cart's body scratch- and dent-free. 

      Having a radio on your golf cart can be a nice way to pass the time, too; just don't play loud music when you're on a golf course.You can also get accessories, mainly for gasoline carts, to increase your cart's performance capabilities.

      For instance, you can lift the cart to give it more ground clearance, improve the suspension so you can cover uneven ground and even give the cart more power. Of course, if you're adding power to the cart's engine, you'll also want to upgrade the brakes and maybe even add safety features like seat belts.

      Quickly Reminders!!

      Gas-powered golf carts are strong, steady operators. Electric golf carts are more convenient to use and better for the environment. There's no right or wrong answer when deciding which of these sounds more appealing to you; it all depends on your personal needs and preferences. No matter what you're looking for in a golf cart, just make sure that you give the matter plenty of thought before pulling out your credit card!