Get Dressed For The Game

June 01, 2018

Get Dressed For The Game

It is always a part of the "gentleman's rule" that you always need to dress up for the proper occasion (you don't want to dress casually on a funeral, right?). So, it's the time of the year again when your uncle or your father-in-law asks you to accompany them for a game of golf (without even knowing that you yourself is not familiar with the sport, but you can't refuse them right?

And also it's a good thing to try something new and exciting. And you don’t even know what to wear while looking very disappointed on your dresser full of either football jerseys and denim pants. As a gentleman with a proper taste of fashion and etiquette, I will guide you on how to properly dress up for the occasion and that the golf court personnel won't deny your access and "shoo" you away at first glance. Visit Beginner Golf Tips and learn what to wear Golfing for the first time.

Just like all gentlemanly activities out there (like equestrian , fencing, and the such), Golf has always been and will always be a game that is ruled by a comparatively strict dress code. For men who cherish having the freedom to show their own style and the ability to flaunt their fashion sense, it might seem restrictive (that is if you don't know the basics).

The Do's and Don'ts of Golf Fashion

So, what do we need? Do you have any idea? No? Well that's okay, for here are the essential gear and clothing that you need for the game:

  • Collared Polo Shirt
  • Shorts or Slacks
  • Golf Shoes
  • Belt (a gentleman always wear one of course)
  • Socks
  • Extra gear (such as Hats, Caps, Gloves, and the such)

And also, our goal here is to dress for the occasion, so don't wear these clothing items to avoid your access to the court being denied:

  • Denim pants/jeans
  • Shirts and skirts of any color or those types of jeans bearing brand names or other similar clothing advertising a logo (you are not a living billboard, aren't you?)
  • Tight stretch pants or shorts
  • Miniskirts for the ladies (if you are a man, the more reason the guards will not let you in)
  • Tennis shorts and skirts
  • Cargo pants and shorts (long & baggy with large pockets)
  • Hawaiian style shirts and other beach type garments
  • Cargo type shorts
  • Elastic or drawstring waist trousers or shorts

For footwear, avoid the following:

  • Casual or sporting shoes
  • Sandals
  • Jogging or tennis type shoes
  • Flip flops
  • Metal spikes golf shoes

Choosing the Best Gear Without Compromising Comfort

Some of you guys who are not used to wear the applicable clothing and apparel for the game might find it uncomfortable to wear one. Don't worry, we will be taking up each and every gear you might possibly need in simple detail and help you find one that is comfortable for you. Check this one also: Dressed To Knock Socks Off (or Not)

Golf Collared Polo Shirt

The first thing you’ll recognize on many club websites (and court rules if you are already in one) is that they require every one playing golf to wear collared shirt. This doesn’t mean that you need to wear a dress shirt (man, this is a golf course, not your office), it only means that vests, crew necks, v-necks and any other form of casual shirt is not allowed. 

Look for collared polos and tees, such as ones made of traditional cotton, microfiber or polyester. Some course managers also allow modern-style golf shirts that have a turtleneck-style collar (but yeah, on some courses only).

Women's golf tops vary greatly compared to men, with or without collars, but all should adhere to a traditional sense of modesty. This means no bathing suit tops or tube tops (seriously ladies?), T-shirts and tank tops are not permitted for women, same goes with men as well.

For comfort, you need to choose one that is just for your size (not too fitting, not too baggy) and is breathable and loose enough for you to comfortably move. Also take note that what you wear will also depend on the weather condition in the court for the material you use will affect how you feel on the course.

In cooler areas or weather, it is advisable to wear cotton or wool collared shirt to retain body warmth, and a synthetic material will let sweat evaporate and keep you dry and cool in warmer and more humid areas. For classy-looking yet comfortable golf tees, you can check them online like 

And don't wear any collared shirt which is a sort of "eye candy" and contains big banner advertising across the back or front (man, you are not a free space for advertisement, and a gold course is no place for that). Also, you are in the presence of professional gentleman, so act like one by not wearing collared shirts with foul language in massive letters (everyone in the court will think that you are a stupid prick who ruins the gentlemanly atmosphere of the game and will deny your access before you even set foot on the front gate).

And lastly, collared shirts should always be tucked in at all times in the court (no ifs, no buts, just follow it, okay?).

Golf Shorts or Slacks 

Depending on your fashion sense (and comfort), you can choose either between shorts and slacks with belt loops (if no belt loops, it'll look like a regular gym shorts). Although most men tend to wear shorts on the links, the more traditional gent will generally prefer to wear trousers.

    Men should wear long pants made of cotton or a polyester blend (or made of wool, for cooler weather), or dress shorts with a pleated or flat front.

    Some courses will allow men to wear jeans, but most of the time others do not. Women also should wear long trousers, capris or dress shorts, or what are called golf skirts. These garments are made with a cut pleat or V-notch on the front or side to allow for motion in the golf swing and include an under-short.

    There are many brands of trousers available at any golf store, but if you are looking for something that will elevate your style on the course, it is suggested to focus on golf sub-brands from various classy haberdasher (men's outfitter) like Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers if you are looking for more bang for your buck (plus the quality is very good too).

    It is okay to buy trousers from expensive bespoke clothiers as well if you have the money, but since golf is a sport and sometimes you run the risk of ruining more expensive garments walking through the grass on the fairway, the rough, the sand traps and the occasional water hazard (Combine that with risks of rain, sweat and dirt and it’s a recipe for disaster), therefore, it’s best to stick with brands that make a more stylish trouser that is within your budget and that are still designed with golf in mind.

    A standard rule of thumb for the gentleman is to wear shorts only at the beach (or at home, if you are so inclined). But still, there are special cases to every rule and when you’re on the course under the sun, sometimes having bare legs is a blessing that’s just not worth following style rules for (comfort first before style).

    If you are going to wear a pair of shorts on the course, they must be a professional looking slack short and should be no more than 4-inches above the knee. In practice this means they should sit on or just above the knee, and should adhere to your club’s dress code.

    You can also get shorts and slacks made specifically for hot weather or temperate weather like the shirts above.

    Golf Shoes 

    These are going to be the most important part of your get-up. Just like other sports that includes a field (like soccer or American football), golf involves a lot of walking around and standing so the appropriate shoes are really essential to help you get through all that without ending up getting your feet painful, bruised, sweaty, or injured. 

    Here are the 3 kinds of golf shoes available in the market:

      Steel spikes 

      Used by professional golfers and won't be allowed on majority of standard courses for amateurs. Metal spikes have longer and sharper spikes that gives more traction on the course than plastic (thus commonly creating repairable tears on greens). Metal spikes may also prove uncomfortable on hard ground (such as concrete) and cause some discomfort.

        Soft spikes 

        Steel spikes are replaced with plastic or rubber ones to avoid tearing up the turf. They are also lightweight compared to the steel-spiked ones and won't provide much discomfort or noise when used on concrete. Also, these are the most popular type of shoe available in the market


          The most recent development in shoes has been the introduction and success of the Spike less or Street Shoe. The sole of the shoe has lots of small rubber studs that are great for people who get stud pressure walking on spiked golf shoes and are the most comfortable ones to use on pretty much any surface. 

          Golf shoes should be comfortable, durable, and should suit your style. Unlike other sports, golf shoes can look like simple, regular leather shoes, most typically as a brogue or a saddle shoe. There are also a lot of modern designs that are modeled after trainers, street sneakers and even boat shoes , but the best one I prefer are the classic ones for a formal but sporty look.


          Of course, if your pants or shorts have belt loops, use them. Belts are not there just to hold down your pants, they are also a vital part of your fashion (since you will be tucking in your collared shirt on the first place) and also for dress code purposes. The belt makes for a cleaner, more put together look.

            You can use pretty much any belt you like, as long as they look less formal compared to the leather belt you typically wear at work.


            In pretty much any sports, socks are a vital part of the outfit that ensures the comfort of your foot and keeping it dry. Over the years, socks have become an important part of golf attire although it is rarely mentioned in the course rules.

            The right socks will make you feel comfortable and cozy on your every step, while the wrong ones will make your feet sweaty and uncomfortable (or might even leave a nasty bruise on your foot). It is ideal to pick a pair made of breathable cotton and for extra comfort and padding, buy a thicker one. 

            Aside from comfort, it is also important have the one you choose will appropriately match your outfit too. If wearing trousers, it is best to use long or medium-length sock, while with shorts you shouldn’t wear a sock that goes above your ankle.

            Miscellaneous Golf Accessories

            Golf gloves are not really necessary and most golf clubs doesn't really care if you wear one or not. Anyway, if you want to have a much more comfortable game, then it won't hurt to invest on some quality golf gloves, for it will give you a much better grip on the club and it prevents your hand from being rubbed raw after a full day of playing (you don't want to have any blisters on your hands because you will play again next weekend right?). Choose the ones that fits perfectly on your hands and are made of a soft, thin but durable leather that kind of works as a second skin for your hand

              Golf is a game that have you go out there and play under the sun, so it is a great idea to always wear a hat or cap to protect your eyes or face from direct sunlight.

              There are a lot of options that you can use in the course and here are the most common ones:

              • Baseball caps 

              The most commonly seen hat on Tour and most golf courses and are the easiest ones to find (just remember not to wear it backwards, for it makes you look awkward and out of place).

              • Visors 

              Commonly used by guys with long hair or the ladies. This only protects your eyes but not your head from direct sunlight (so bald dudes, steer away from these)

                • Bucket hats 

                A very common hat for all-round sun protection for it has solid coverage and comes in a variety of colors and materials.

                  • The Golf Fedora 

                  A timeless silhouette with a sporty charm, perfect for a bit formal look

                    • Cowboy and Safari hats 

                    Less common hat but yeah, very functional yet a bit flashy for other people's taste

                      • Flat caps 

                      Also known as "newsboy hat", is one of the all-time classic hat for golf (and also a personal favorite of mine). Best feature of this hat is that it holds firmly on your head every time you swing.

                        Final Word

                        As you can see, wearing the proper golf attire is not just about making you look like one with big boys on the course . There are some very practical reasons why they are part of the rules and etiquette on every golf club, and to invest in quality gear will make you look and feel comfortable. See also: Golf Accessories